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Soliman Security Services

(Soliman) has been in the security business for fifty-two (52) years. It was established in 1957 by Macario J. Soliman - the father of the President and General Manager, Teresita L. Soliman

Soliman has a simple beginning. It started as a single proprietor company under the name Soliman's Watchman & Security Agency (SWSA).

Today, the Agency is among the top ten (10) security agencies in the country. In the survey conducted by the Center for Research and Communications in the Philippine Business Profiles (1994-1995), it was ranked no. 5 in the field of detective and protective services. The secret formula to Soliman's success is its dedication and commitment to deliver superior quality security service to all clients, regardless of its size.

In February 1987, the company embarked in a dramatic change. Teresita L. Soliman took over the ownership and total management of the Agency. She was not a stranger to the company as she had been directing and managing its business affairs and operations since 1977. With her well-rounded experience and managerial expertise, she was able to make the Agency grow to its present state.

In January 1992, Soliman's Watchman & Security Agency became a corporation. A new name was adopted. The company is now known as SOLIMAN SECURITY SERVICES, INC. (SSSI).

Soliman Security Services. has been adjudged by the Civil Service Force Command of the Philippine National Police THE BEST SECURITY AGENCY. This is the highest and most prestigious award given to a security agency. Soliman has received this award for two (2) occasions already - in 1993 and 1997. Soliman, today, has to its credit 49 years of professional, excellent and efficient security services.


Teresita L. Soliman General Manager

Teresita L. Soliman

General Manager

Juliano R. Dupaya Jr. Asst. General Manager

Juliano R. Dupaya Jr.

Asst. General Manager

Loreto S. Sumoba HRD Director

Loreto S. Sumoba

HRD Director




We give high premium on training. Our guards undergo a well rounded and thorough training in all aspects of security work before they are given assignments. The minimum requirement of guard is at least two (2) years of college education.

To ensure quality service and adherence to our values and principles, the trainings are conducted by our own instructors. A specialized training is done based on the requirements of clients.

No guard is given a post without having gone through the agency's training programs. Likewise, the required government license to practice the profession is a must to have before anyone is allowed to work..

We have a total force of ONE THOUSAND (1,000) highly trained and duly licensed guards. Clients are given the option to select the guards to be deployed in their premises.




Written Qualifying Examination

Written Qualifying Examination

Before Actual Employment

Before Actual Employment