Employment with Soliman Security Services Philippines



To ensure quality of recruits, following sets of pre-qualification interview and background investigation are to be met by applicants:

1. Written Qualifying Examination:

to determine job knowledge and Intelligence Quotient

2. Required Clearances:

a. National Bureau of Investigation Clearance (NBI)
b. C-2, PC/NIP Clearance
c. Barangay Clearance

3. For Background Investigation

following important aspects are looked into:
a. Personal History
b. Marital History
c. Residence History
d. Physical Data
e. Educational Data
f. Character References
g. Employment History
h. Military Record (if any)
i. Criminal Record
j. Neighborhood Investigation

4. After meeting/satisfying above

personnel are further subjected to:
a. Neuro-Psychiatric Test
b. Medical Examination
c. Final Interview
d. Briefing Orientation


Given the opportunity to handle responsibility for the security and safety of our facilities, the following security measures shall be immediately undertaken before and after guards deployment.

1. Before Actual Employment

a. Preparation of all security guidelines based on security survey
b. Collation of all existing company policies, rules and regulations
including forms to be used covering all security post. c. Meeting with Security Manager for the approval of recommended security guidelines based on on-site inspection
d. Briefing and orientation (Pre-posting seminar) of guards on their basic duties and responsibilities based on approved General and Special Orders to include all other related subject on POI.
e. Actual orientation of selected Security Officers and SIC'S.
f. Final Rank Formation and Inspection.
g. Actual Deployment.

2. After Posting

a. Check copy your post by post duties and responsibilities.
b. Conduct follow of survey and recommend of improvement of systems based on actual observation.
c. Regular monitor compliance of all post orders, rules and regulations as set forth by Client.
d. Immediately checks/initiate corrective measures on any/all deviations on instructions and procedures and instructions.
e. Implement following quality assurance system to further insure strict compliance and efficient performance of guards:

  • Continuous twenty-four (24) hours inspection of all guards post.
  • Automatic corrective measures and imposition of corresponding disciplinary action for all violations and infractions.
  • Maintain twenty-four (24) hours ready reserve and reaction force. Assure proper maintenance and handling of all security provided equipments.
  • Conduct monthly or periodic guards/officer performance audit (Please see attached Audit Appraisal Form).
  • Conduct regular (per shift) rank formation and inspection and briefing of guards prior to and after relieving.
  • Implement corrective seminars on erring security personnel. Periodic meeting between Client and Agency representative. Twenty Four (24) hours operation/monitoring.

d. Periodic Training/re-orientation (on-site) of all posted guards shall be conducted based on actual security and safety changing needs of all the Client's facilities.



Security Guards (male and female)
To be assigned in Metro Manila
Salary: NCR Min. Wage + P1,500 monthly allowance

  • must be at least 2nd year college
  • 21 - 35 years old
  • 5'8" in height
  • must have at least 3 years experience in industrial security
  • with valid security license

To be assigned in a Multinational Company
Salary: P520.00 / 8 hours + benefits

  • male graduate of any 4 year course
  • 21 - 35 years old
  • 5'7" height
  • fluent in english is required
  • must have at least 3 years experience in industrial security

Receptionist (female)
To be assigned in a Multinational Company
Salary: P15,000 / monthly

  • graduate of any 4 year course
  • 21 - 28 years old
  • 5'5" and above
  • fluent in english is required
  • must be smart and beautiful

Accounting Clerks (female)

  • BSBA / BSC graduate major in Accountancy
  • not more than 30 years old
  • preferably single
  • computer literate
  • with or without experience

Applicants must bring transcript of records

Researcher (male)
Salary: P750.00 / 8 hours + benefits

  • graduate of 4 year course (Journalism, Comm Arts, International studies, Education and other related course)
  • proficient in oral and written English, analytical and observant mind, with great passion for reading and values teamwork
  • can work with minimun supervision
  • computer literate (MS Word, Excel, Internet)
  • willing to work on a permanent night shift duty from 10 pm to 6 am